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Getting Started

Table from CSV allows you to view a CSV attached to a page as an HTML table on that page.

How to use

  1. Create a new page

  2. Attach a CSV to the page – you can use the attached sample.csv file for testing purposes

    • Or link to a CSV on the web

  3. Type /table from csv and hit enter

  4. Edit the macro parameters

    1. Add the filename of the attached file

    2. Specify whether to wrap the cell content or not

  5. Save the page

Advanced features

You can use this macro as a source for Confluence Charts.

To connect a table to a chart, in the Confluence Editor, highlight the macro and then select Manage connected data from the context menu item:

This allows the Chart to consume the data within the table.

A demonstration of this functionality is given in the video below:
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