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Revoking Google Analytics access

This app stores a user token for Google Analytics which permits a reports to be access as if by the user which configured the app.

Details of how this information is stored can be found at What data is stored by the app and where?.

How can I remove this information from the app’s data store?

There are 2 ways:

Revoke access

This will remove access to reports, but allow data collection to continue.

From the Apps menu, select Google Analytics in Jira:

If the app has not been configured, press the blue Configure button in the centre of the screen:

If the app has previously been configured, select Configure from the “•••” / Tools menu in the top right corner:

In the Google Analytics in Jira • Configure screen, under the Data Collection tab, select Revoke access for this app from the “•••” menu:

  • Next to the Signed in as [Your Name] [Your email address] button, select the ••• menu and choose Revoke access for this app

  • Press Confirm on the resulting dialog and you should see this confirmation message:

  • The app will attempt to contact Google and remove itself from “Apps with access to your account”

Uninstall the app

This will remove all aspects of the app from your Jira instance.

Upon uninstall of the app, the user token data is completely removed from the data store and the app will no longer be available.

Google – “Apps with access to your account”

Upon revoke or uninstall, the app will attempt to contact Google and remove it’s permissions from your Google account.

Note: These screens will say David Simpson Apps for Jira Cloud rather than “David Simpson Apps for Confluence”

You can check this by browsing to and searching for David Simpson Apps for Jira Cloud.

If the app is still present, click on the name and press the Remove Access button to complete the process.


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