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Caching of project and user data in your browser

In order for the Google Analytics in Jira report screens to display correct and relevant data, they must query your Jira Cloud instance for the following:

  • Project details – Based on Project Key, we query the Jira Cloud REST APIs to get the name and icon for the project.

  • People details – Based on Atlassian Account ID, we query the Jira Cloud REST APIs to get the name and profile picture for the user.

These details are cached within the browser’s local storage, and updated every 2 weeks so that we can minimise the load on the Confluence instance, and also speed up the rendering of the user interface.

Reasons you may wish to clear the local storage:

  • If the name of an issue, issue or person changes, then the old name will be cached in browser’s local storage for 2 weeks. Clearing the private data will refresh the reports with the new details.

  • If you are using this app on a shared computer, you may wish to remove the private data from the browser’s local storage.

How to clear private data from your browser

On each Google Analytics in Jira report page, there is a dropdown menu on the top right hand side. Within this menu, there is a button labelled Clear private data:

Upon pressing this button, all private data will be removed from your browser’s local storage, and a message will appear:

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