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Using Google Analytics in Confluence on more than one Confluence instance

Some companies will use our app on more than one Confluence Cloud instance or tenant.

e.g. at:



We love that people wish to use our app on multiple instances, but also wish to tell you of some of the shortcomings of the way Google allows authentication between our app and Google.

The short answer is that for each Confluence instance, you will also need a separate Google Account to connect between Confluence and Google Analytics, otherwise Google will get confused.

How to connect multiple Confluence instances to Google Analytics

Step 1

If you’ve already attempted to configure multiple Confluence instances using the same Google account, you’ll first need to disconnect that Google Account from the app.

The steps to do this are detailed in Revoking Google Analytics access .

Step 2

For each Confluence instance, create a separate Google account to connect that instance to Google Analytics.


Confluence Instance 1:
  • Confluence URL –

  • Google Account –

Confluence Instance 2:
  • Confluence URL –

  • Google Account –

Confluence Instance 3:
  • Confluence URL –

  • Google Account –

Step 3

Login to Google Analytics as your normal user and add each of the separate Google Accounts as an admin user for their particular Google Analytics property.

Configure Google Analytics in Confluence in the normal way using the correct Google Account user for the correct Confluence instance.

Configuration Overview

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