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Migrating between Confluence Server/Data Center and Cloud

If you and your team are moving from Confluence Server or Confluence Data Center to Confluence Cloud (or from Cloud to Server / Data Center for that matter), you’re likely wondering how your marketplace apps will behave after migration and whether they are compatible.

What data will migrate?

No data will be migrated, because the data is stored within Google Analytics rather than within Confluence. Only configuration data is stored within Confluence. This configuration data will not be migrated (see below).

What’s the impact on users of Google Analytics in Confluence

Google Analytics reports displayed in Confluence for specific content (pages/blogposts) may no longer display historical data. This is because we cannot assume that the contentId of the page/blogpost in the source Confluence Server system is not guaranteed to be the same as the contentId in the Confluence Cloud instance.

Google Analytics will still provide the historical data, so it will be accessible in custom reports there.

Details of the configuration process can be found in

Are the features different between Confluence Server / Data Center and Confluence Cloud?

The features of each version are described in…

Google Analytics in Confluence feature matrix - Cloud vs Server

Do I need a new license?

You will need a new license if you’re moving to Confluence Cloud since the Atlassian Marketplace treats the licenses differently.

For more details, please visit

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