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How does attachment tracking work?

We track whenever an attachment is created, updated and viewed.

Attachments are linked to their parent page or blogpost using the parentId & parentType custom dimensions and to their space by the spaceKey & spaceId custom dimension.

Attachment tracking is done on the server side, away from the client browser, based on webhooks received from Confluence.

What attachments we don’t track

Attached images can be displayed inline in the body of pages and blogposts. Whenever an attached image is displayed in a page, that acts as the attachment being viewed, so would trigger another call to Google Analytics.

These inline image views would mask the real attachment views and add noise to the data.

To make things clearer, we therefore do not track images with the following extensions:

jpg, jpeg, png, gif

What attachments we do track

Apart from the various image types above, we track all types of attachment.

This including any PDFs, videos, documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

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