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Custom Reports in Google Analytics

This is the documentation for the app up to March 20, 2023.

The app has now been updated and will roll out to all over the next few days.

Go to the latest version of the documentation for Google Analytics in Confluence 4.0-AC

“Confluence Cloud, by David Simpson Apps” report

This is a drill down reports that allows you to list content by space, page and page context.

The report is available for import at the following web address:

It has 3 tabs to drilldown in different ways:

Space Drilldown

Initially, this shows a list of Space Keys

Select a Space Key to see the Content Contexts (contentcreate, contentedit, contentview, etc)

This allows you to see how users are interacting with the content - content creation, edit or view.

Select a Content Context to see the Page Titles of the pages

Select a Page Title to see the Page path

Select a Page to see the User Keys of users who have interacted with the page

Content Context Drilldown


User Drilldown


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