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Can we obtain keyword data for page searches in Confluence?

Yes, absolutely!

When you use Google Analytics 4 for data collection, we automatically collect all the search terms your users generate.

How can I view the search terms?

From the Apps dropdown menu in the Confluence header, Select Google Analytics in Confluence:

In the resulting Analytics Overview screen, click on the Search tab:

The search terms will be displayed in the TOP SEARCHES table:

Can we obtain keyword data for page searches in an external theming app?

Apps such as Scroll Viewport and Refined for Confluence allow you to have an exact look and feel that matches your corporate identity and allows for a custom domain name. They generally work by copying the data within Confluence to an external files store.

If the data is copied externally, then the vendor may use their own search index rather than accessing the one from Confluence.

Can we obtain keyword data for page searches in Scroll Viewport?

No. The search index for Scroll Viewport is maintained separately to Confluence, so does not send data to Google Analytics.

For more details on configuring Google Analytics in Scroll Viewport, see their page.

Can we obtain keyword data for page searches in Refined for Confluence?

Refined for Confluence does not maintain a separate search index, so it should be possible to search in a Refined site and see the search terms displayed in our app. Users who are logged into Refined using Atlassian ID will be correctly attributed.

It is not possible to filter searches performed only within Refined for Confluence as we cannot currently differentiate between a search in Confluence and a search from Refined.

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