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Analytics Reporting Features • Universal Analytics

This is the documentation for the app up to March 20, 2023.

The app has now been updated and will roll out to all over the next few days.

Go to the latest version of the documentation for Google Analytics in Confluence 4.0-AC

The reporting functionality delivers:

All analytics reporting features are available to Confluence administrators and members of groups who have been given access in the Configuration - Reporting • Universal Analytics screen.

Analytics overview

The analytics overview screenis accessed from the Apps dropdown menu in the Confluence header

For Confluence as a whole, it delivers

  • Usage over time

  • Top spaces

  • Top content

  • Top users - showing views and also their editing contributions

Space analytics

The Space Analytics screen is accessed from the Integrations tab within Space Settings, or by selecting a space from the analytics overview screen.

For each individual space, it delivers

  • Usage over time

  • Top content

  • Top users - showing views and also their editing contributions

Page analytics

Page summary dropdown

A summary of activity for individual pages is available as a dropdown menu on the page

Page Analytics details

Detailed analytics for individual pages is available from the Page Analytics button within the dropdown

For each individual page, it delivers

  • Usage over time

  • Top users - showing views and also their editing contributions

All users who wish to access the reports will need to have their own (or shared) Google Analytics account which can view reports for the Google Analytics property.

People Analytics

People Analytics is available from any of the other reporting screens. It shows a user’s top spaces and top content.

Date picker

You can select any date for the reports, as well as some convenient presets:

Advanced Settings

Filter by Group Membership

You can now filter reports based on group memberships.

This is especially useful to understand how separate parts of your company, or partner organisations are using your Confluence instance.

Print reports

All reports can be printed or exported to PDF. This allows administrators to share the report with other people within the organisation.

This is just the beginning. Further features and enhancements are planned.

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