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The changelog for versions of Chemistry Toolkit for Confluence, released since November 2023.

Note: Versions with the same X.Y-AC number have been released without an increment in the version being required by Atlassian Marketplace

Chemistry Toolkit for Confluence Cloud

Version • 3.0-AC • January 15, 2024

  • Minor bugfix for JavaScript error on InChI 2D Chemical Structure macro

Version • 3.0-AC • December 6, 2023

  • Support for Reaction SMILES in SMILES 2D Chemical Structure macro

  • Improved support for themes - dark/light mode

Version • 3.0-AC • December 5, 2023

  • Removal of SMILES (Legacy) macro.
    Note: The current SMILES 2D Chemical Structure macro remains present.

Version • 2.0-AC • November 29, 2023

First paid commercial release.

  • Addition of new LaTeX macros

  • Addition of new InChI 2D Chemical Structure macro

  • Addition of new Table from Source (with Rendering) macro

  • Addition of LaTeX and InChI rendering in the Table from CSV (with Rendering) macro

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